The Hive Cinematography


In the heart of Toronto, at the iconic 1 King West venue, Nelson and Chiara celebrated their wedding day in a grand and picturesque style. The couple opted for a cinematic memoir video, capturing the essence of their special day through a combination of photography and videography. With the assistance of this hybrid second photographer, they were able to explore various locations within the hotel, making the most of its stunning backdrops and diverse settings.

Their wedding party seamlessly moved through the different areas of the hotel, from the basement vault to the rooftop patio overlooking the city, creating a visually captivating narrative for their cinematic memoir. The couple’s enthusiasm and eagerness to explore every corner allowed the photographers to ethereally capture their essence, resulting in a stunning video that will be treasured by the couple and their loved ones for years to come. Their journey even took them outside the hotel to the Commerce Court Plaza, where they visited the iconic mother of elephants sculpture, adding a unique touch to their wedding day memories.


By seamlessly blending photography and videography, the couple’s cinematic memoir represents a beautiful and artistic representation of their love story. With the ability to easily switch between capturing still moments and motion picture, I was able to create a unique and personalized cinematic experience that truly showcases the magic of Nelson and Chiara’s wedding day.


This stunning wedding was shot at Three Feathers Terrace in Innisfil. Cassandra and Nicholas chose our signature two shooter package, capturing their special day in a detailed and artistic way, allowing them to relive those precious moments for years to come. In addition to the 5 cameras for coverage the package also included drone shots for aerial views adding an extra dimension to the wedding, stunning visuals of the venue and the surrounding area. 


This stunning wedding and couple, Angela and Ryan, chose a 10 Hour single shooter package based on the length of their day. Having three cameras during the ceremony and speeches ensures that multiple angles and perspectives are captured, which enhances the final video’s quality. This setup allows for a more dynamic and professional-looking result. In addition, they received four Trailers based on their Preparation, Ceremony, Wedding Photos and Reception.

Casa Loma Pre-Wedding

This beautiful couple was wed at Casa Loma and requested only the intro to be filmed and presented. Using a drone to capture exterior shots can indeed provide breathtaking aerial views and add an extra layer of cinematic appeal to the wedding video. It’s a popular choice for capturing grand architecture and scenic surroundings.


As the sun dipped below the horizon on their special day, this couple decided to pay homage to the place where their love story first began – their high school. They chose to create a unique and unforgettable wedding photo experience by incorporating smoke bombs into their wedding photoshoot. With the expert guidance of The Wedding Hive and their cinematic memoir option, their vision came to life as the 2nd photographer took on the role of a cinematographer, capturing the couple and their wedding party’s excitement. The Wedding Hive’s creative approach had turned a simple photoshoot into an enhancing and nostalgic cinematic memoir that they would cherish for a lifetime. It was a day filled with laughter, joy, and a touch of whimsy, just as their love story had always been.


The couple’s wedding day at the Botanical Gardens was a breathtaking affair, and their choice of the Cinematic Memoir was nothing short of perfect for capturing the beauty and emotion of the day. The second photographer in their wedding package had a different role in this dynamic duo. Their focus was on seamlessly transitioning from stills to video. As the sun bathed the lush gardens in a warm, golden glow, the drone soared above, capturing the stunning natural backdrop. The gardens’ vibrant colors and lush greenery provided an enchanting setting that complemented the couple’s love and joy, The Wedding Hive is thrilled to have documented this event with incredible precision. The Cinematic Memoir truly lives up to its name capturing the couple’s love story unfolding like a cinematic masterpiece adding a touch of magic to the wedding memories. 


Katie + Scotty

This warm and radiant couple epitomized love on their wedding day at the picturesque Heintzman House in Toronto. With an eye for detail and a desire for a cinematic touch, they spared no expense in ensuring their special day was captured flawlessly. With two skilled cinematographers and an equal number of talented photographers, every moment was preserved with artistry and precision.

The day was divided into three distinct chapters, each narrated beautifully through the trailers – the anticipation and excitement of Preparation, the heartfelt and emotional Ceremony, and the joyous moments captured during their Wedding Photoshoot. Their love radiated throughout the day, making it a memorable celebration of their union that would be cherished for years to come.


In the heart of Hamilton’s natural beauty, this adventurous and head-turning couple embarked on a truly unforgettable wedding photo shoot. Set against the backdrop of a breathtaking waterfall, their daring choice created an enchanting atmosphere that perfectly encapsulated their love story.

With the skillful hands of photographers Amy and Chris, the entire session was expertly captured in just two hours, using a combination of photography and cinematography. The Wedding Hive are known for their exceptional ability to direct couples, ensuring they feel entirely comfortable in front of the camera, which allowed for the creation of candid and editorial shots that will be cherished for a lifetime. Whether chosen as part of a wedding package or as a stand-alone experience through the À la carte option, this daring and gorgeous wedding photo shoot promises to be an adventure of a lifetime, resulting in memories that will be cherished forever.

The Wedding Hive Family has developed an emotional and visual style that’s unique to us and represents our work. We love warmth and intimacy – and this is exactly how we want you to feel when you are in our presence – nothing will feel forced and we will offer gentle guidance through every step of the way. Hop on our Carousel and see if any images resonate with you.